Pane e Tulipani (Original Title)

An Italian housewife, Rosalba Barletta (Maglietta), finds herself stranded during a family vacation. Instead of waiting for her controlling businessman husband, she hitchhikes her way home, only to impulsively detour to Venice. She finds accommodations with a restaurantmaitre d', Fernando Girasole (Ganz), and soon finds herself enjoying her new life. Meanwhile, her husband has sent a bumbling plumber, Costantino (Battiston), as a private detective to find her. After meeting and falling in love with Grazia, Rosalba's neighbor across the hall, Costantino calls Rosalba's husband and quits, claiming that he is unable to find her. However, her husband's mistress appears and convinces Rosalba to return to her home in Pescara. Fernando follows her and persuades her to return to Venice with him.

A multi-award-winning Italian film which on its release secured, Best Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Sound and deserved every such award. It is light comedy telling a 'Shirley Valentine' tale with tremendous style, making it a must-see movie.

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Agata e la Tempesta (Original title)

Agata feels secure in her bookshop, but actually it's as though she's been inadvertently thrown into the plot of a story in a strange book: the unexpected passion for a lively and perhaps too self-assured young boy, the accidental discovery that her beloved brother Gustavo isn't really her brother, and the light bulbs that mysteriously blow up when she walks past. On the trail of Gustavo, the architect who's running away from a life he no longer feels is his own, Agata ends up in Cicognara. This is where Romeo lives, Gustavo's real brother. In the meantime, gustavo has temporarily given up architecture, and has now dedicated himself to looking after Bianchina, his mother's hen, as well as to the search for his father. Romeo loves his wife, but he never misses an opportunity to betray her. He has a dream, to dump everything and open up a trout farm. Agata, Gustavo and Romeo, and the other unusual characters in their world, uncover an eccentric family and a life to be created from scratch.

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