Thursday 24 July, Riverside Studios, London
8.40pm "The Mafia Kills Only In The Summer" (sold out)
6.30pm "The Voice of Peppino Impastato"" (sold out)

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Sunday 27 July, Riverside Studios London
1.00pm "The Mafia Kills Only In The Summer"
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Italian Cinema London presents the UK premiere of the the dark comedy "The Mafia Kills Only In The Summer" by Pierfrancesco Diliberto, recently awarded as Best New Director at the David Di Donatello 2014.

The screening will take place at Riverside Studios, London, on July 24 h8.40 pm followed by a Q&A with the Sicilian director, aka "Pif".

The evening will start at 6.30pm with the UK Premiere of the documentary "The Voice of Peppino Impastato" by the Italian journalist Ivan Vadori.

The aim of Italian Cinema London is to offer the public two new films challenging old perceptions of a mafia-run Sicily and to encourage a better knowlege of the compemporary Italian authors. The event is part of the "Final Film Programme" of Riverside Studios before its clousure for redevelopment.

THE MAFIA KILLS ONLY IN THE SUMMER (Italian with English Subtitles)

The Mafia only kills in the Summer tells the story of Arturo, a young boy growing up in Palermo - the fascinating and terrible city ruled by the Mafia- in 70s and 90s. He falls in love with his school friend Flora when they are still in primary school. In his eyes she is a princess and he makes many clumsy attempts to conquer her. This tender and amusing story spans a 20 year period whilst in the background terrible events unfold. The film narrates with subtle but never trite irony the dark years of despicable murders by the Mafia. It mocks Mafia Bosses and restores the generosity of the great heros of Antimafia.
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THE VOICE OF PEPPINO IMPASTATO (Italian with English Subtitles)

The documentary tells the main episodes of Peppino Impastato's life and his fight aganist Mafia, emphasizing his activity as an investigative journalist. When he was 15, Peppino became fully aware of what Mafia was when his uncle - a Mafia boss - was killed. From that moment he decided to devote his life to fight Cosa Nostra.
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